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Disruption is an open innovation program created in 2019 by the Nabeiro Group, in collaboration with imatch, to boost disruptive solutions.

This initiative marked the beginning of the Group’s relationship with the Portuguese start-up ecosystem to promote entrepreneurship beyond borders. With co-partnership, human-centrism, and disruptive innovation as core values, it challenges national and international start-ups that are developing future-driven projects in strategic business areas. The start-ups whose solutions best adapt to their value chain have the opportunity to partner with the Nabeiro Group.



Building a more Sustainable Supply Chain

Traceability of products and processes
Reduction of CO2 and H2O footprint
Ecologic Packaging
Valorization of byproducts and waste
Sustainability Management


Addressing new consumer trends regarding foods and beverages

Healthy and nutritive drinks and snacks
Natural and sustainable ingredients
Food science and technology
Convenient formats for e-commerce
Convenient formats for home consumption


Strenghening our ties with clients and consumers

Helping restaurants and cafés to be successful
Enhanced customer experience
E-commerce and delivery
Customer knowledge from data
Long-term engagement with consumers

Digital Transformation

Leveraging Digital Technologies to transform processes and relationships

Novel applications of available tecnologies
Experimental breakthrough technologies

Ecosystem​ Perks​

Get up to €120k in Azure and €150k in Microsoft services, powered by Microsoft for Startups​
Be incubated in NOW_Beato in Lisbon


Disruption Core Perks

Partner with the Nabeiro’s high-level decision-makers, and access its vast customer base
​Fund your project implementation
Have access to an in-depth Bootcamp with talks and mentors focused on your personal growth as a founder, as a team and as a business
​Access to investment opportunities through Delta Ventures’ fund


Nabeiro Group Exclusive Perks

Be granted access to Nabeiro Group’s co-working space and products, amongst other things!​

  • Sep 13th - Oct 13th
  • Oct 14th - Oct 28th
    Finalist selection process
  • Nov 8th - Jan 9th
    Co-partnering Bootcamp
  • Jan 18th
    Final Pitch
  • Feb 1st - Feb 28th
    Pilot MOU signing
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disruption?
Disruption 22​ is a joint initiative of Delta Ventures and imatch, for the launch of a competition to develop projects/solutions that contribute to improve the areas of Product, Responsible Impact, Relationship, Experience. The Competition intends to empower startups in the retail sector by integrating their solutions within Grupo Nabeiro in the form of pilots.
What are the main challenges?
SUSTAINABILITY: We’re looking for startups that will help us be more sustainable across the whole value chain. PRODUCTS: We’re looking for startups that are addressing new consumer trends regarding food and beverages. RELATIONSHIPS: We’re looking for startups that could help us strengthen our ties with our clients and consumers. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: We’re looking for startups that are leveraging digital technologies to transform processes and business relationships
What's the selection criteria of the applications?
The applications will be chosen according to the following criteria: a) Team​ (skills, experience and diversity/sufficient resources); b) Project Quality​ (creativity/originality, innovation and design, user experience); c) Usefulness of the project​ (added value and relevance for stakeholders); d) Business Model​ (commercial viability and growth potential); e) Viability​ (technical, operational and commercial).
What's the eligibility to compete?
Startups interested in collaborating with Grupo Nabeiro should meet the following eligibility criteria: a) Companies must be legally constituted, with proven existing operations. b) It’s product/solution has been built and tested in real operational conditions (Technology Readiness Level - TRL 6-7). c) Founding team must be available and capable of attending in-person activities and implementing pilot project in Portugal. d) The company must have the minimum capabilities to engage in implementing its solution at scale after the pilot period (team, technology, financial solvency).
What is the timeline?​
The period for submission of applications to the Competition starts on September 13th, 2022 and ends at 23 hours and 59 minutes of October 13th, 2022 (GMT), so all applicants should submit by that date at the platform ​www.disruption.pt​, all information and documentation required on the application form, otherwise they will not be accepted. After the period of applications’ submission, at least 20 chosen startups will do their pitch to Grupo Nabeiro’s administration. From those 20 projects only ten startups will be invited to continue in the Bootcamp, doing the three sprints. These ten startups must commit themselves to attend the mandatory events of the Competition, namely the three sprints, with at least one element, under penalty of being excluded from the Competition.
Delta Ventures is Nabeiro Group’s early-stage VC, focused on building long-term partnerships with start-ups in the areas of New Consumer, Sustainability, and Digital Transformation.
It stands for collective efforts challenging the norm and fosters equal and impactful partnerships, strongly anchored in insightful business know-how. Delta Ventures champions sustainable success - ethical, economically responsible and refreshingly human-centered - and aims to achieve extraordinary things.
Imatch is an innovation collective who helps individuals, teams and organizations to transform the status-quo, make new connections and leap forward into what’s next.
With shared beliefs and culture influence, imatch brings a unique approach to everything it does and is. That simple.
Since 2008, the company has been co-creating and co-implementing open innovation projects, impact and sustainability initiatives, new organizational cultures, and transformative events.
Meaningfully human.