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Welcome to an extraordinary journey where innovation and nature intertwine in a dance of elegance and transformation.

Join us as we delve into the intricate symphony of cycles, patterns, and connections that define both the natural world and the disruptive advancements reshaping our future.

This is an invitation to explore, to question, and to harmonize our actions with the very essence of existence. At the heart of this journey lies ‘Disruption’, a visionary open innovation program that beckons startups to rise to the occasion alongside Grupo Nabeiro, in collaboration with imatch, to boost disruptive solutions. Let’s unlock new possibilities and breathe the future through connections that echo the rhythms of life itself.

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Years of Innovation

Disruption has been fostering innovation since 2019, making it one of Portugal’s premier innovation programs.

Global Reach

Our community extends worldwide, connecting innovators, mentors, and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Startups Transformed

Over the years, we’ve nurtured and propelled startups to success.……………….

Countless Insights

Join the collective wisdom of our community, sharing insights on sustainability, digital transformation, and more.

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Sustainability + Circular Economy

Achieving supply chain sustainability

Ensuring transparent product traceability and process accountability.
Minimizing the carbon and water footprint through eco-friendly practices.
Implementing ecologically friendly packaging solutions.
Maximizing resource efficiency through byproduct and waste valorization.
Establishing comprehensive sustainability management strategies.


Emerging food and beverage trends

Developing wholesome and nourishing beverage and snack options.
Utilizing natural and sustainable ingredients to meet evolving consumer demands.
Leveraging food science and technology to create innovative products.
Designing convenient packaging formats suitable for e-commerce platforms.
Crafting user-friendly formats for easy consumption at home.


Empowering our partners and enhancing customer satisfaction

Supporting the growth and success of restaurants and cafés in the industry.
Elevating customer experiences through enhanced service and offerings.
Implementing effective e-commerce and delivery services for streamlined transactions.
Leveraging customer insights derived from data analysis.
Fostering long-term relationships and engagement with our valued consumers.

Digital Transformation

Leveraging Digital Technologies to transform processes and relationships

Novel applications of available tecnologies
Experimental breakthrough technologies
why you should apply

Ecosystem​ Perk​

Your startup will receive a dedicated cash prize of 10k.
This financial boost is designed to accelerate the growth and development of your business, providing you with the necessary resources to propel your startup forward.​


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Pilot Acceleration​

In addition to the cash prize, Disruption provides you with the opportunity to fast-track the implementation of your pilot project.
This acceleration is instrumental in ensuring that your innovative ideas are swiftly brought to life, making an immediate impact.​


  • Nov 9th - Jan 5th
  • Jan 8th - Jan 29th
    Selection Process
  • Feb 14th - 16th
    Bootcamp - Sprint #1
  • Feb 27th - 29th
    Bootcamp - Sprint #2
  • Mar 12th - Mar 14th
    Bootcamp - Sprint #3
  • Mar 25th
    Demo Day
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disruption?
Disruption 23 is a collaborative effort between Delta Ventures and imatch, aimed at launching a competition that fosters the development of projects and solutions contributing to advancements in the fields of Product, Responsible Impact, Relationship, and Experience. The competition seeks to empower startups in the retail sector by integrating their innovative solutions into Grupo Nabeiro through pilot programs.
What are the main challenges?
SUSTAINABILITY: We seek startups that can aid us in achieving sustainability throughout our entire value chain. PRODUCTS: We are interested in startups that are responding to emerging consumer trends in the food and beverage industry. RELATIONSHIPS: We are in search of startups that can enhance our relationships with clients and consumers. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: We are seeking startups that are harnessing digital technologies to revolutionize processes and business relationships.
What's the selection criteria of the applications?
The selection process will be based on the following criteria: a) Team: Evaluation of team skills, experience, diversity, and resourcefulness. b) Project Quality: Assessment of creativity, originality, innovation, design, and user experience. c) Project Impact: Consideration of the project's added value and relevance for stakeholders. d) Business Model: Analysis of commercial viability and growth potential. e) Viability: Examination of technical, operational, and commercial feasibility.
What's the eligibility to compete?
Startups interested in collaborating with Grupo Nabeiro should fulfill the following eligibility criteria: a) Companies must be legally established and demonstrate existing operations. b) Products/solutions must have undergone testing in real operational conditions, reaching a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6-7. c) The founding team must be available and capable of participating in on-site activities and implementing pilot projects in Portugal. d) The company must possess the necessary capabilities to scale its solution post-pilot period, including a competent team, robust technology, and financial stability.
What is the timeline?​
The application submission period for the competition begins now and concludes at 23:59 on January 5th, 2024 (GMT). All interested applicants must submit the required information and documentation through the platform before the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted. Following the submission period, a minimum of 20 selected startups will pitch their ideas to Grupo Nabeiro's administration. Only ten of these startups will proceed to the Bootcamps, engaging in the three sprints. These ten startups must commit to participating in the compulsory events of the competition, including the three sprints, with at least one representative present. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the competition.
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We stand for collective efforts challenging the norm – no dream is too big when like-minded people cross the same path. We foster equal and impactful partnerships, strongly anchored in our insightful business know-how.
We champion sustainable success – ethical, economically responsible, and refreshingly human-centered. Entrepreneurs are dissidents of the old way of doing things and as we support them every step of the way, we are bound to break boundaries. Here’s to achieving extraordinary things.
Imatch is an innovation collective that aids individuals, teams, and organizations in transforming the status quo, forging new connections, and leaping forward into the future.
Fueled by shared beliefs and cultural influence, Imatch offers a distinctive approach to its activities and existence. Since 2008, the company has been collaboratively crafting and implementing open innovation projects, impact and sustainability initiatives, new organizational cultures, and transformative events.
Meaningfully human.